Touchy Topics Tuesday™ (TTT) is an intentional integration model designed to emphasize the bountiful value of personal, yet divergent relationships. The vision is to cultivate empathy among diverse community members through sincere and sustainable relationships. This is accomplished through ongoing intentional discourse primarily focused on racism within a liberally guided forum.

The emphasis is on building relationships among participants that results in self-guided adjustments in and out of the TTT space. The innovative design yields an experience that compels participants to become influential activists within their respective spheres of influence. This pursuit is perpetual and accomplished through intensely refreshing self-directed conversations, freestyle fellowships, and associated opportunities for personal maturation.

Because participants come from varying political vantage points and life experiences, one of the short term effects of TTT is stronger communal relationships across a variety of intersecting differences. Although not currently analyzed, potentially one of the most advantageous long-term effects will be TTT’s impact on systemic structures through evolved voting patterns that stem from this grass roots model.


Tiffany Robertson is a faith-FILLED African American woman with a strong sense of purpose in life.  She is a leader, a woman led by her own values and concern for the well-being of others throughout the St. Louis region. She functions from her own integrity and reaches beyond herself as she encourages others to do the same.  She makes others better people simply because she relates to them in a positive, constructive, and encouraging way. Tiffany is a deeply reflective person who is committed, in short, to the betterment of the world. She is open-minded, respectful of the opinions of others, yet firmly grounded in the guidance of her faith, which informs all of her decisions and values. Tiffany has been specifically dedicated to the idea of conversation as a means of understanding. Convinced that through honest and respectful dialogue. we can bridge our differences and find some common ground that will allow is to move forward. It is this belief that caused her to establish Touch Topics Tuesday.

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