As society grapples with new awarenesses across just about every construct of our existence from race and ethnic identity to gender fluidity, we need new tools to help us orient ourselves within the ever-shifting landscape of how we interact without demanding all-encompassing agreement or the equally polarizing alternative of instant revocation of communal privileges aka “cancelled”. The space between these unyielding environments requires multiple dimensions of accountability, cultivating/honoring relationships, ongoing uncomfortable conversations, grace and space to learn/unlearn, internal work and nuanced analysis of complex ideas.

Touchy Topics Tuesday™ (TTT) explores, develops, and disseminates communication tools, specifically in the application of cross racial relationship development on the micro level. The model hopes to advance the synergy created from these sustained interpersonal affiliations toward constructing a communal or mezzanine level that can in turn advance new and existing macro efforts that dismantle racism.


Tiffany Robertson is a faith-FILLED African American woman with a strong sense of purpose in life.  She is a leader, a woman led by her own values and concern for the well-being of others throughout the St. Louis region. She functions from her own integrity and reaches beyond herself as she encourages others to do the same.  She makes others better people simply because she relates to them in a positive, constructive, and encouraging way. Tiffany is a deeply reflective person who is committed, in short, to the betterment of the world. She is open-minded, respectful of the opinions of others, yet firmly grounded in the guidance of her faith, which informs all of her decisions and values. Tiffany has been specifically dedicated to the idea of conversation as a means of understanding. She is convinced that through ongoing honest and reflective dialogue, we can acknowledge our differences and cultivate an integrated community that doesn’t sacrifice respect for consensus.

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